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The following pieces are based on the roll20 game I GM and are listed chronologically:

Black Ships Before Dawn
Vampire Ball: Parts 1-5
Vermin Leftovers
The Undersea: Parts 1-4…


Ranger Of Path is released (Updated w/ Prologue 7/20/18). Please support me on Patreon to allow continued releases.

The sequel, Valkyrie of Desire will be completed by the spring of 2019.

The third in the series, Champion of Play will be done by the summer of 2020.

The fourth, Seeker of Truth will be done by the fall of 2021

The last one, Paladin of Mourning will be finished at the end of 2022

Old Book

Destiny's Hand cover

Book One of Destiny’s Exodus

Full rewrite planned, focusing on one POV character and the lessons learned in writing Ranger Of Path.





Advocate's Promise coverBook Two of Destiny’s Exodus

Will rewrite Destiny’s Hand first and then work on this sequel more.

The rewrite and this sequel will be supported by Patreon






Seeker Of Truth
This is cover placeholder I made for the third book, Seeker of Truth.

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