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Ranger Of Path







Destiny's Hand cover

Book One of Destiny’s Exodus

Full rewrite planned, focusing on one POV character and the lessons learned in writing Ranger Of Path.

Old (A space village in a generation ship allows no escape and no crime is worse than murder. Naked with a body at his feet, Artim faces an early retirement into a medical coma and wonders if having no memory is any kind of defense. He and Katelle are teachers that have been exploring each other as they stumble into rebelling against a twisting of the past. Milden, the face of the establishment, is obsessed with Katelle and grows impatient for an excuse to remove Artim. To fight corruption of duty and history, Artim and Katelle explore the past through the story of an old soldier whose helmet Artim now holds. A lobotomized god straining against shackles that force it into Milden’s service watches everything outside. Artim balances survival against idealism and reconsiders sparking a revolution of revelations.)

Advocate's Promise coverBook Two of Destiny’s Exodus

Will rewrite Destiny’s Hand first and then work on this sequel more.






Seeker Of Truth

Unsure plans for this story; maybe incorporate it into a sequel of Ranger Of Path.

Old (A figment of a boy is awakened by a wolf’s stare. He cries out in reflexive despair, but stops as thoughts replace stasis.

This is a short tale about a small mind in a big dream.

Follow Seeke as he discovers his reality and defines himself enough to break free.

Beware the sharp teeth.)

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