Santa Ate My Gingerbread House

I know Santa was here Santa ate more of house

My son and I have been snacking on the gingerbread house he brought home from school.

He legitimately thinks Santa Claus has been eating most of it and additionally is trying to hide how much he himself has been eating.

“Santa eats some of the house and then puts things in our stockings.”

It is a straightforward relationship.

We have broken tradition a little bit by gradually filling the stockings and torturing Yuri by telling him he can’t peak at what Santa brought.

Self-control is difficult with presents and sweets.

Pretty cookies Santa didn't eatMy wife took a class and created cookie art, ant then she put them on the tree and left Yuri with me.

I didn’t know about them, and so didn’t notice when our son ate each and every one.

Me- “I didn’t even get to taste one.”

Yuri- “Well you can. I pulled these crumbs off.”

Making cookies for SantaIn reparation, he has agreed to help make cookies for Santa and cannot snack on any himself.

He is a good boy under the firm hand of a Japanese mother.

He is less cooperative when alone with his American father.

Yuri- “I can do this as much as I want.” Bounces on the couch.

Me- “How would mommy feel if she saw you?”

Yuri- “She’s not here so she doesn’t know.”

Me- “I could tell her.”

Yuri- “But not right now.” Continues bouncing.

Nutty bearsHow cute is too cute

My wife makes cute food. Santa would have loved some nutty bears if a certain boy hadn’t finished off the sample plate.

His charms and cuteness will not save him from my wrath should he keep stealing the wife food that is rightfully mine.

Mmm, I smell a fresh loaf…

Santa’s Revenge

One day I will have a small revenge. He will learn it was me all along eating his gingerbread house.


Merry begins

Oop, time to decorate the replacement cookies and then go to some old fancy house with a lot of pretty lights.

It was closed.

Went to the road with pretty lights. It was pretty.

Yuri is GOD

Dear Santa, I am GodFound this note in the fireplace.

Me- “Yuri what did you write?”

Yuri- “I sounded it out.”

Me- “God job.”

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