My son’s weight in cherries. Summer is berry fun.

Cherries taste better by the bucket.

Wolfe's Cherries, inexpensive organic ripe and deliciousA berry tastes better when U-Pick, though I’m not complaining about the sixty five pounds of ripe picked organic cherries for fifty seven dollars that we got on the fourth from Wolfe’s.

I think my son Yuri may be able to eat his weight in berries.

We can test this now, given how much we’ve bought.

The cherry tractor at Wolfe's CherriesThere was something about seeing those buckets that forced me to keep buying until our trunk was full and my wife was repeating “are you sure” over and over.

I assured her that it made sense to buy a mountain of cherries to make up for the gas getting there. Plus, sometimes life is better lived gluttonously.

The best cherry milkshake and ops mint ice creamIt’s always the best milkshake.

Yuri choose with his eyes, and I let him. The mint is too strong, but he loves the sugar and chocolate. It’s a quandary exacerbated by my moaning about the best fresh cherry milkshake I’ve ever had.

My wife claims I say that every year we go to Hood River. But this time, I swear it is true. Even if it is the exact same milkshake, this time, I get to enjoy it while my son suffers through his choice.

A good man with evil, or an evil man with good? Either way, I enjoyed that.

Wife food, cherry tartCherry Days

Atop a stove is

A piece of art, in the form

Of a cherry tart.

I can eat a Haiku.


cherrywineAlcoholism is a disease.

Cherries are an addiction. And they go with everything, even wine.

My wife loves them separately, but when put together… bliss.

I’m not completely sold on the idea, but it looks great.

Cherry Infused VodkaI am sold on cherry infused Vodka.

But as a responsible father, husband, and productive member of society. I must settle for cherry and almond milk.
Cherries and almond milk
I should have stirred it. Nice at first, but got weird towards the bottom when the almond flavor overpowered.

After eating and drinking pounds of cherries, I wondered what my lovely wife would craft next.

Cherry JamI do yearn for it, but alas I have another prior task.Bread With Blueberry Jam
I haven’t yet finished off the blueberry jam.

Some people are feeders. Some people are eaters. I’ve gotta do my part.

Leaving a pile of seeds for an art project.

Cherry Seeds
We… well, my wife put those sixty five pounds to good use.

Making me fat.

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