Pravidian view on virtual reality, pd imagePravidian inreal

Pravidian as a name originated from the Russian word for “truth”. It was decided on by a collective of groups and individuals concerned with excessive invirtu living. A loose association until the year 2240 when the second universe was anchored and the age of x-tech began.

Pravidians became a people united behind two values, truth and privacy. Both pushed against a way of life that was being embraced by most.

By the time the Administrators established dominance in the year 2346, Pravidians were the only notable anti invirtu group remaining.

A pot slow to boil.

Despite values firmly passed down, time eroded principles and invirtu use increased among them.

Their enclaves around the world slowly began to depopulate with restrictions and the choices of youth. Population control was strict. An enclave couldn’t have another baby simply because another teenage left Pravidian life to embrace what the rest of Earth offered.

Mantras protect belief.

Some common Pravidian mantras:

  • Escape the virtual lie and find truth in the real.
  • The soul exists only when the mind and body are free.
  • An altered mind clouds truth.
  • Digital is not people. People are people.
  • A silent truth is a lie in silence.
The Inreal Enclaves:
  • Argentina: Cordoba, located inland from the Administrative center of Buenos Aires. Enclave and space launch site are located in the backtime city of Cordoba. At three hundred thousand it is the second largest Pravidian enclave.
  • Belarus: Pinsk, a hundred thirty five thousand. Residents are nicknamed Pinks.
  • Iceland: Pravidian capital, two enclaves. One with twenty thousand, and the other the official capital two hundred fifty thousand. Pravidians control the island, but to a lessor extent than New Zealand. Reykjavík is capital, enclave is the whole former urban area. Smaller is Akureyri, and the people from it are called Vikings.
  • Mongolia: New Urga, located near the ghost capital Ulan Bator. The thirty five thousand Pravidian community are the only permanent residents in the whole of Mongolia. The population is limited by agreement with Administrators who want the environment preserved with minimal impact so that the land can recover. Several hundred autobots work the land year round to help recovery and push back Gobi desert. Just outside of New Urga is a functional space launch site, and a fabrication center with autobot support. New Urga Pravidians are called Mongols.
  • New Zealand: Taupo, on the shore of Lake Taupo on North Island, has sixty eight thousand. Based on backtime town of Taupo, but completely rebuilt. Only permanent residents of North Island, and South Island has a Pravidian station with a fifty person cap. People from this enclave are called Maori.
  • Vancouver Canada: Vancouver the largest Pravidian enclave with a cap of one million, though at time of Destiny launch only a population of eight hundred fifty thousand.
  • A population of fifteen thousand or so Pravidians do not live in an enclave.
  • Ganymede enclave: Only twenty five people usually. Supported by a high grade resetting AI closely related to Destiny AI, four resseting mid grades, and the ability to create low grades. Ground station in midst of Iceport City, a ghost city built by autobots but never colonized.



Gyme, an invirtu outlet and more for Ship Of Destiny.

Gyme uses invirtu space that was set aside exclusively for the casual entertainment of the crew.

Soon after Ortome was raided in 2700, this space was repurposed to be a home for thousands of uploaded minds (uppers), as well as modified towards the liberal standards of the Ortomen.

Backlash from the Pravidians was mitigated by assurances that the system containing gyme had no broadcasting access, and only hard line access to the hock up beds. To further sate them, gyme use could not be promoted or even talked about in the system commons.

Ship Of Destiny AI (Sodai) locked access to gyme in 2706. After only six years, the crew was completely cut off from true invirtu outlet.

It is presumed that virtual life continues for the thousands of uppers that reside within gyme.

Upon entering, there were two roads.

Players that passed a test and initiated were able to enter gyme and had to first pick player or pantheon controlled space.

Player controlled space was the home of the uppers.

A full scale invirtu model of the hollowed asteroid was built and called New Ortome. This was as far as inreal players could go. People of inreal (preals) were considered players everywhere in gyme. But uppers were such only in the colored realms, and had almost as much control over their realm as the pantheon had over theirs. This meant in their area, uppers were demi-gods, beholden only to themselves.

Pantheon of gymePantheon controlled space was managed by copies of the five ship gods:
  • Blue Lileth from Sodai.
  • White Hierophant from Glorate.
  • Green Gardener from Nathan.
  • Red Phoenix from Advocate.
  • Black Merridian from Merridian.

In addition to the five colored realms was the unaligned realm. Though technically controlled by the pantheon, since decisions about it required consensus, it effectively was an island of player controlled content.


Ortome is an asteroid habitat built to be independent of Earth.
Autobot Voicebox

It was completed in 2279 after twenty three years of constant work on a massive scale by autobots (autonomous robots).

In a draft of Destiny’s Hand I describe it on the outside as potato shaped with a red brown tint.

Ortome, C-type asteroid, carbonaceous.

It is about 3.1 AU from Earth, or about twenty six light minutes away.  The hollowed interior is a cylinder twenty klicks (kilometers) long and eight klicks wide.

Ortome is the successor to Brimhine, a smaller asteroid habitat that failed.  No others have been attempted, though the habitat of Ship Of Destiny is based on Ortome’s.

It has a functioning ecosystem, full of flora and fauna.

Butterfly In OrtomeAn independent stable population of ten thousand humans live about the wild cocoon.   The Ortomens love space.  Their buildings are built into the land, cloaked as things like large rocks or massive trees.

Caterpillar In OrtomeOrtome is tended, but is no garden.  It has hatched, bloomed, and emerged as it’s own world.

It is a place of quiet contemplation, where people act as guests visiting rather than owners landscaping.

Ortomens value liberty and balance.

Inreal as a vibrant cave aglow with life.  Invirtu as a liberal landscape where minds can be as they wish.

In 2340 Ortome secured Invirtu connection with Earth.

In 2344 fearing hostilities, Ortome conditionally cedes authority to Earth.  Inreal freedom largely remains, so long as they stay within their asteroid.  Invirtu is largely restricted, though still liberal compared to Earth.

In 2700 Ortome is raided by craft from Ship Of Destiny.

Some excerpts from a Destiny’s Hand draft:

1. “If the Administrators of Earth had not subjugated Ortome a logical progression would have the Ortomens becoming the dominant representation of intelligence in the system.”

2. Holding this desire he does a search of Ortomen goods available for plunder per the agreement reached. Chocolate does not appear. Bennie spins some models around invirtu then texts Taylon direct requesting chocolate.

3. Bennie sees the green zone has shrunk and several spiders hold subdued Ortomen. The crowd is as large and silent as ever.




Ship Of Destiny

Ship Of Destiny is a spaceship, a generation ship.  In 2700 it launched for a thousand year colonization journey with one thousand passengers.

The effort is called the Destiny Exodus and has the following mission statement:

To serve the hope of Sol, we journey towards Pravda. We carry the torch of life and culture with care and caution. As one people, we will colonize and build a better world.

Ship Specifications

The ship is a 217.5 klicks (kilometers) long cylinder that’s 504 mrets (meters) wide.  The middle four klicks hold the habitat.  The majority of the ship is made up of two hundred klick lengths of bundled rods a mret thick, made of a near diamond carbon allotrope.

Destiny’s Habitat

The Hab is a hollow four klicks long within the cylinder, with a diameter of four hundred mrets.  That’s enough that with only a bit over two rotations a minute (2.115 rpm) Earth’s gravity is simulated along the inner surface without most noticing the Coriolis Effect.

Habitat of Ship Of Destiny, yes that is Warpath Angled so looking a bit north, with south at the bottom and north at the top, the direction the ship is heading.  East is right, west is left.  The fold running the four klick length is red, at the edges blue.  When represented with three dimensions, blue would be a line opposite red.  Taking into account these six directions and further dividing by being near (short) or far (long) from the center line (Equator), the Hab has sixteen sections.  Each of these is divided into five blocks, making eighty total.

Four klicks long with a circumference a little over one and a quarter klicks gives the passengers over five thousand square mrets.  Spending their lives in such confines typically means they know every block if not just about every mret, at least on the surface.  Adding to the living space are layers, more up than down.  Enough so that it is cozy or spacious, but rarely crowded, as one moves around.

Destiny’s Ocean

Ship Of Destiny in the middle is a tube with layers. The skin, exposed to the vacuum, is thick and doesn’t spin. Beneath it is a deep layer of pressurized water that contains what does spin. The massive habitat is suspended in this dark clear water that allows it to rotate cushioned and safe.

A thinner layer of water turns with the Hab just beneath the dirt.  This is the ocean, a layer that cocoons the tube of land and air, and is vibrant with flora and fauna.

Pillars periodically pierce the water. Called spokes they help hold things together like they would on a wheel, though unlike a wheel in being far thicker than it is tall.

Destiny’s Population

The original thousand comes from two groups, the Pravidians, and the Ortomens.  After a hundred Pravidians were prevented from leaving Earth, Ortomens were collected to make up the difference.


They value truth and privacy, and prefer inreal to invirtu.


They value liberty, and embrace invirtu balanced with inreal.


P.S. Yes that is Warpath holding down the corner of my Hab layout.