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Ortome is an asteroid habitat built to be independent of Earth.
Autobot Voicebox

It was completed in 2279 after twenty three years of constant work on a massive scale by autobots (autonomous robots).

In a draft of Destiny’s Hand I describe it on the outside as potato shaped with a red brown tint.

Ortome, C-type asteroid, carbonaceous.

It is about 3.1 AU from Earth, or about twenty six light minutes away.  The hollowed interior is a cylinder twenty klicks (kilometers) long and eight klicks wide.

Ortome is the successor to Brimhine, a smaller asteroid habitat that failed.  No others have been attempted, though the habitat of Ship Of Destiny is based on Ortome’s.

It has a functioning ecosystem, full of flora and fauna.

Butterfly In OrtomeAn independent stable population of ten thousand humans live about the wild cocoon.   The Ortomens love space.  Their buildings are built into the land, cloaked as things like large rocks or massive trees.

Caterpillar In OrtomeOrtome is tended, but is no garden.  It has hatched, bloomed, and emerged as it’s own world.

It is a place of quiet contemplation, where people act as guests visiting rather than owners landscaping.

Ortomens value liberty and balance.

Inreal as a vibrant cave aglow with life.  Invirtu as a liberal landscape where minds can be as they wish.

In 2340 Ortome secured Invirtu connection with Earth.

In 2344 fearing hostilities, Ortome conditionally cedes authority to Earth.  Inreal freedom largely remains, so long as they stay within their asteroid.  Invirtu is largely restricted, though still liberal compared to Earth.

In 2700 Ortome is raided by craft from Ship Of Destiny.

Some excerpts from a Destiny’s Hand draft:

1. “If the Administrators of Earth had not subjugated Ortome a logical progression would have the Ortomens becoming the dominant representation of intelligence in the system.”

2. Holding this desire he does a search of Ortomen goods available for plunder per the agreement reached. Chocolate does not appear. Bennie spins some models around invirtu then texts Taylon direct requesting chocolate.

3. Bennie sees the green zone has shrunk and several spiders hold subdued Ortomen. The crowd is as large and silent as ever.