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Pravidian view on virtual reality, pd imagePravidian inreal

Pravidian as a name originated from the Russian word for “truth”. It was decided on by a collective of groups and individuals concerned with excessive invirtu living. A loose association until the year 2240 when the second universe was anchored and the age of x-tech began.

Pravidians became a people united behind two values, truth and privacy. Both pushed against a way of life that was being embraced by most.

By the time the Administrators established dominance in the year 2346, Pravidians were the only notable anti invirtu group remaining.

A pot slow to boil.

Despite values firmly passed down, time eroded principles and invirtu use increased among them.

Their enclaves around the world slowly began to depopulate with restrictions and the choices of youth. Population control was strict. An enclave couldn’t have another baby simply because another teenage left Pravidian life to embrace what the rest of Earth offered.

Mantras protect belief.

Some common Pravidian mantras:

  • Escape the virtual lie and find truth in the real.
  • The soul exists only when the mind and body are free.
  • An altered mind clouds truth.
  • Digital is not people. People are people.
  • A silent truth is a lie in silence.
The Inreal Enclaves:
  • Argentina: Cordoba, located inland from the Administrative center of Buenos Aires. Enclave and space launch site are located in the backtime city of Cordoba. At three hundred thousand it is the second largest Pravidian enclave.
  • Belarus: Pinsk, a hundred thirty five thousand. Residents are nicknamed Pinks.
  • Iceland: Pravidian capital, two enclaves. One with twenty thousand, and the other the official capital two hundred fifty thousand. Pravidians control the island, but to a lessor extent than New Zealand. Reykjavík is capital, enclave is the whole former urban area. Smaller is Akureyri, and the people from it are called Vikings.
  • Mongolia: New Urga, located near the ghost capital Ulan Bator. The thirty five thousand Pravidian community are the only permanent residents in the whole of Mongolia. The population is limited by agreement with Administrators who want the environment preserved with minimal impact so that the land can recover. Several hundred autobots work the land year round to help recovery and push back Gobi desert. Just outside of New Urga is a functional space launch site, and a fabrication center with autobot support. New Urga Pravidians are called Mongols.
  • New Zealand: Taupo, on the shore of Lake Taupo on North Island, has sixty eight thousand. Based on backtime town of Taupo, but completely rebuilt. Only permanent residents of North Island, and South Island has a Pravidian station with a fifty person cap. People from this enclave are called Maori.
  • Vancouver Canada: Vancouver the largest Pravidian enclave with a cap of one million, though at time of Destiny launch only a population of eight hundred fifty thousand.
  • A population of fifteen thousand or so Pravidians do not live in an enclave.
  • Ganymede enclave: Only twenty five people usually. Supported by a high grade resetting AI closely related to Destiny AI, four resseting mid grades, and the ability to create low grades. Ground station in midst of Iceport City, a ghost city built by autobots but never colonized.