Gyme, an invirtu outlet and more for Ship Of Destiny.

Gyme uses invirtu space that was set aside exclusively for the casual entertainment of the crew.

Soon after Ortome was raided in 2700, this space was repurposed to be a home for thousands of uploaded minds (uppers), as well as modified towards the liberal standards of the Ortomen.

Backlash from the Pravidians was mitigated by assurances that the system containing gyme had no broadcasting access, and only hard line access to the hock up beds. To further sate them, gyme use could not be promoted or even talked about in the system commons.

Ship Of Destiny AI (Sodai) locked access to gyme in 2706. After only six years, the crew was completely cut off from true invirtu outlet.

It is presumed that virtual life continues for the thousands of uppers that reside within gyme.

Upon entering, there were two roads.

Players that passed a test and initiated were able to enter gyme and had to first pick player or pantheon controlled space.

Player controlled space was the home of the uppers.

A full scale invirtu model of the hollowed asteroid was built and called New Ortome. This was as far as inreal players could go. People of inreal (preals) were considered players everywhere in gyme. But uppers were such only in the colored realms, and had almost as much control over their realm as the pantheon had over theirs. This meant in their area, uppers were demi-gods, beholden only to themselves.

Pantheon of gymePantheon controlled space was managed by copies of the five ship gods:
  • Blue Lileth from Sodai.
  • White Hierophant from Glorate.
  • Green Gardener from Nathan.
  • Red Phoenix from Advocate.
  • Black Merridian from Merridian.

In addition to the five colored realms was the unaligned realm. Though technically controlled by the pantheon, since decisions about it required consensus, it effectively was an island of player controlled content.