Covid-19: The Chinese virus of fear

Covid Is Real, But…

Covid-19 is a direct problem for an extreme minority of people. The vast majority of this infected group are very old and/or very sick. The rest almost certainly have something else going on that has strained their immune system.

For this small percentage of infected people, Covid is real and potentially life threatening.

To mitigate this danger treatments are available and vaccines are being tested.

In short, while it is a pandemic, it is one that modern life and technology has to the capacity to handle with relative ease.

Ironically, these same things are magnifying social discord into bigger problems than the actual virus.

Sweden gambled and won… or lost?

Contrary to most of the free societies in the world, Sweden did not mandate a lockdown.

As an outlier they are being judged with envy and ridicule.

The United States faces Covid 50+ different ways

Fifty states, a federal district, and five self-governing territories: the US is handling Covid many different ways.

This seems like a chaotic response and there are many mistakes because of this, but it also offers a resilience. What is shown to work or not work in one state can educate the others.

Covid on fireIn Oregon for example, people are openly rebelling against the lockdown which has undermined the authority of the state and local governments.

If the system keeps crying wolf, folk won’t listen when a real fire comes.

Fear is a bigger problem than Covid

For a virus that directly kills such a small percentage and easily protected part of the population, why is it having such a massive effect on the world?

French people are tired of tyranny

As the French rebelled against their government for an environmental lockdown, so to are they rebelling against a pandemic lockdown.

As has been game-theorized, in a free society pandemic response should be guidelines akin to what Sweden has done. This avoids the riots France is experiencing and would limit or eliminate the ones in the US.

George Floyd protests were actually Covid riots

Floyd had Covid. He died, and the virus of hate and fear spread.

The push to defund the police is fed by a rejection of the authority causing lockdowns.

China uses hate and fear to control

The CCP subjugates its people and seeks to conquer or destroy others.

Critical theory and more specifically critical race theory has been intertwined with the Covid response in a way that is akin to how China weaponizes culture.

Inoculate with critical thinking

The best protection against the Covid-boosted critical theory monster is to think critically.

  • What is the net cost of the lockdowns? I expect it will be higher in all ways then if there were no lockdowns and instead high-risk populations were offered extra support and protection.
  • How does China control its people? They control them in every way they can. Their social credit system is a crowbar hanging over every crib.
  • Why are people afraid of Covid? Governments focused on lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. If they included being healthy and under the sun, people would not be so afraid.
US Elections happen tomorrow

I expect Trump will win.

Either way, I expect rioting will continue until the Covid lockdowns end.

Take a lesson from Yoda. Don’t let fear and hate guide you.

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