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Santa Ate My Gingerbread House

I know Santa was here Santa ate more of house

My son and I have been snacking on the gingerbread house he brought home from school.

He legitimately thinks Santa Claus has been eating most of it and additionally is trying to hide how much he himself has been eating.

“Santa eats some of the house and then puts things in our stockings.”

It is a straightforward relationship.

We have broken tradition a little bit by gradually filling the stockings and torturing Yuri by telling him he can’t peak at what Santa brought.

Self-control is difficult with presents and sweets.

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Wife food is good food-best sandwich bread in PDX

“Wife food” is nourishment prepared by a significant other.

There comes a moment in a lucky man’s life when wife food surpasses mom meals.  This happened for me around the time my wife started making the best sandwich bread I’ve ever had.

Homemade bread and strawberry jam with peanut butter and cheese

There is a vast food gap in my life between when I left home the day after I turned eighteen and when I started regularly eating wife food, or wife to be food, at twenty six.

Eight years of bachelor kitchen.

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