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Nearing Midsummer’s Eve, My Brother And The Sea

My brother is much younger than me, still in his twenties and still in need of adventure.  Not horseradish and peanut butter, more Into the Wild, which is not for family men edging towards forty, i.e. me.

That’s nice brother, anyway I’m sailing to Ireland.

The last week of last month I was chatting with my brotherMy brother Matthew Matthew

online and I excitedly linked invirtu on urban dictionary, which means “within virtual reality”.  I had been trying to get words I made up for my book Destiny’s Hand into the dictionary, and this was my first success.

His response, “am going to Boston in a week to meet Norwegians.  If all goes well I will crew with them as they cross to Ireland.”

I expressed surprise, then he added, “Norwegians have a great history with Ireland: visit monasteries, take a few souvenirs.”Raider Boy

 35 ft, blue water cruiser, four crew.

He tells me the size and jokes about getting an eye patch.  I suggest he bring a bucket of sun screen.

The day before cast off he writes,  “Destination Ireland early July by way of Azores. Possible landfall in Azores late June, weather dependent. I may be able to receive emails intermittently.”

I respond, “Beware the (Fool) in you, embrace his luck and whimsy, beware his wisdom and fancy.”  But I send it too late.

I have this crazy thought that he will pick up WiFi in the middle of the ocean and reply.  I wait and check storm watch websites, while being thankful it’s a relatively calm season.

I feel old and jealous, anxious and proud.  My brother is all grown up.  I think I feel an echo of my son twenty years from now, reaching back in time to connect twin feelings.

It’s a right of passage.  I must remember this.  Survive and grow.

The old woman in me hopes that this scratches his itch and will come back to his quiet slog.  Another part wonders if he will find a red haired maiden and sire a rainbow of leprechauns.

I expect whatever happens, this will be a trip of a lifetime for him, and I am nothing more than happy he’s getting to do it.

Sail safe foolish Icarus.

3 thoughts on “Nearing Midsummer’s Eve, My Brother And The Sea”

  1. 3 pm est 21st june
    39 27 N by 40 56 W
    conditions unfavorable for landfall in azores
    now bearing NE for ireland
    ETA 2 weeks
    all safe and well

  2. 2 july, 230 pm EST
    47 42 N, 19 38 W
    bearing northeast for ireland, 500 NM remain, estimate landfall approx. 7th July in Cork
    light winds have slowed our advancement, but current progress is favorable and forecast for foreseeable future is promising.
    ample food and water remaining, morale high.
    ship and crew in fine condition, health good, time on the water has been excellent, no major adversities.

  3. From Matt 4am this morning “Crosshaven, county cork. Arrived this morning. All safe and very well.”

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